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Common Water Well Problems: Part 2

In a previous article, Updike Water Well Drillers educated customers on common well pump problems associated with issues caused by the performance of the original water well company that installed the pump. While it is very important to ensure you choose a licensed and insured company that is known in the community for quality work, many environmental factors can also impact the performance of your well. 

Our skilled company works hard to prove our dedication to our craft and customers through our superior services. We offer regular maintenance and water treatment systems that work to protect your pumps from exterior elements. Check below to learn more about common water well problems for troubleshooting purposes. 

Often, property owners will experience an issue with their aquifer called mineral incrustation. This problem is common in shallow aquifers that have a profusion of minerals such as, calcium, magnesium, iron, and bacteria. Fluctuating pressure and temperature create a perfect condition for minerals to settle and form on the casings and linings. Our management services and water treatment systems can help reduce incrustation on your water wells. 

Biofouling is another common external issue that is associated with water pumps. Biofouling is caused by the increase of oxygen and nutrients found in the well and the aquifer. Bacteria are known to thrive in enhanced oxygen levels, forming a slime like material that holds chemicals and minerals hostage. The increase of minerals found in the water caused by the biofilm or slime reduces the overall flow of the water in the aquifer, causing an overall water quality. 

It is important to look to Updike Water Well Drillers to help avoid future problems with corrosion. Chemicals found in the water can corrode certain wall casings, causing rust and chemicals to be present in your water. Our licensed contractors can help you choose a casing liner that will last against corrosion and bacteria. 

If you are interested in learning more about our pump management services and water treatment systems, we encourage you to reach out to our company with your questions. Contact us today at (315) 595-2562 to request a free estimate for your future project.